Everyday Gourmet & Fine Food Merchant


In January of 2011, my wife and I opened Everyday Gourmet in the memory of my grandfather, an amateur inventor. He had many wonderful and creative ideas. 

As a boy, I remember him taking me into his basement of wonders and showing me his creations. Incredible ideas and fascinating designs, he would give a crooked smile and raise one eyebrow as I awed. But then he would say regretfully, "I only wish I had done more with this."

At the age of 88, he passed in December of 2009 and I told my loving wife that I wanted to open a restaurant. I explained to her that I did not want to tell my grandchildren that I just wished that I would have.

Together, we poured our hearts and souls into creating a welcoming, friendly restaurant with great tasting food.  With the support of our families and the wonderful town of Ebensburg, PA, we have grown substantially since then.

Now, with our 5 children, we are continuing to evolve. Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner options, craft beers, a full bar and extensive wine list; we are always striving to offer the best food.


to slow the spread of Covid - 19.

Will Re-OPEN at a later time. Stay healthy & safe.